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Why Do People Fall in Love with 2020 iPad Pro?

People are dreaming about having a gadget with long battery life, fast performance, and affordable price. It seems that people get the answer in 2020. Apple as one of the largest gadget manufacturers introduces 2020 iPad Pro.

This device seems to have all the things that users want in an iPad. 2020 iPad Pro even has a similar performance as a laptop but in a compact size. Let’s take a look at the specs of this device to find out the reason why people fall in love with it.

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This device is only 11 and  12.9 inches and they are compact enough. You are about to bring a 1.04 pounds (11 inches) /1.42 pounds (12.9 inches) device and it is a lightweight for supporting daily activities. Indeed, you can bring 2020 iPad Pro anywhere and use it anytime you want.

The overall model looks the same as the 2018 iPad Pro. You will see a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port and a camera that looks invisible. Apple also applies some valuable features on the 2018 iPad Pro into its latest device. You can use the TrueTone display and ProMotion 120Hz display on the 2020 iPad Pro.

Apple also keeps the flat side edges, rounded corners, and flat front and back surfaces. It seems that the edges are a little bit sharp, but still similar to the 2018 iPad Pro. Apple uses glass material for the front part and aluminum for the rest of the parts.

It makes the 2020 iPad Pro lightweight and compact but also stylish and elegant for modern users. This device is easy to use along with the power button and volume buttons on the corner, a SIM card slot on the side edge.


Despite the same features as the 2018 version, Apple improves some of the features. Let’s say, 2020 iPad Pro uses a 12 megapixel and a 7-megapixel front camera. It is great enough to create the best photos.

You can also watch and create high-quality videos along with the 4K video. Another great feature is a LiDAR time-of-flight sensor. This sensor boosts the performance of augmented reality. This feature supports the camera to work faster. The sensor also works in low light areas. The screen can adjust the color temperature based on the ambient light automatically.

This is because the 2020 iPad Pro is using a screen with a P3 wide color display with True Tone. You can also choose to fill the device with the full version of Google, Microsoft, or Apple. The newest thing is that this gadget supports mouse and track-pad input. 


Most people love this device because of the faster speed and smooth performance. Apple improves the performance along with the A12Z Bionic processor. This is the latest processor version after the A12X Bionic that was used by the 2018 iPad Pro.

The best part of this processor is an amazing speed. It works fast to run various programs smoothly. That’s why people often said that this device has a similar performance as a laptop. You can use this iPad Pro for running email, Google Maps, calendar, chrome, docs, sheets, slides, Microsoft Office, Skype, and many more smoothly. You can even open the software in a blink of eyes.    


It seems that Apple doesn’t improve battery life. Despite no significant improvement on the battery. You can still use the 2020 iPad Pro for up to 10 hours. The good thing is that the battery life is consistent.

It doesn’t matter the way you work with this device, you can use it for 10 hours. This is a good option for those who often do several things at once while using the iPad such as listening to music, watching movies, and sending emails. 

Release Date and Price 

The price of this device is expensive. The price depends on the memory. The price of Apple iPad Pro 11 inches with 128GB is $799 whereas the 12.9 inches version is $999. You can also buy the 256GB version in which you have to spend $899 for the 11 inches version and $1,099 for the 12.9 inches version.

If you need a bigger memory, you can buy the 2020 iPad Pro with 512GB and 1TB memory. It costs 1,099 for the 11 inches version with 512GB and $1,299 for the 12.9 inches version. An 11 inches iPad Pro with 1TB memory is $1,299 whereas the 12.9 inches version is $1,499.

Despite the price, you will get more than you are expected. The 2020 iPad Pro release date was on March, 24th 2020 and online stores started to offer it on March, 25th 2020. 

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