/Getting To Know an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Screen Size

Getting To Know an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Screen Size

As the third Apple Flagship generation, iPhone 11 Pro has impressive specifications. The phone screen is one of the impressive parts that amazed its users. Check the information below to know the actual iPhone 11 pro screen size and other crucial things. 

A Large Full-Screen Display 

Some people ask about screen size because it seems large enough for a phone. Apple decides to use 5.8 inches. It means that the screen fills the entire front part of the phone. This model gives a larger display screen area and a taller height.

The decision of using a large full-screen display is not only to give a bigger screen view but also to improve the screen quality. Surprisingly, iPhone 11 Pro is still the phone with the smallest screen compared to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max despite its big screen.      

iPhone 11 Pro Screen Brightness 

Apple seems to want to give comfort to the iPhone 11 Pro users. That’s why this company improves the screen significantly. Users feel that the screen is brighter than previous generations. It is because Apple improves the brightness peak to 17% higher. The goal of this improvement is to get better screen visibility in high ambient light and increase the display power efficiency up to 15%

The Use of OLED   

The iPhone 11 Pro screen is not only brighter but also thinner. It is because Apple uses an OLED display instead of using LCD. One of the advantages of using this display is that the screen doesn’t need a bezel anymore. Users also feel comfortable with the screen sensitivity and angles. This system can also analyze images based on their brightness level accurately.

As a result, the screen can manage the light it needs for a specific image shown on the screen. The screen performs better color accuracy, contrast accuracy, and screen uniformity. Indeed, users will get a new experience while seeing images on the iPhone 11 Pro screen. 

iPhone 11 Pro Screen size

Larger Aspect Ratio 

The new screen specs in iPhone 11 Pro also improves the aspect ratio. This phone is using a 19.5 : 9 = 2.17 aspect ratio that makes it larger and has a taller height to width. It means the aspect ratio is also higher than the common aspect ratio of most smartphone devices.

The idea of using a large aspect ratio is to give more space on the screen for users who often work with several apps simultaneously. It seems that there is no problem with the front camera on the phone. Users can still use the phone screen comfortably and maximally. 

High-Resolution Full HD Display  

iPhone 11 Pro uses 2436 x 1125 pixels. The full HD display is effective enough to produce sharp, bright, and clean images. Users can even see the same image quality from the screen when they watch it from 12 inches distance.   

Color Gamuts and Automatic Color Management 

Apple follows the industry standard for producing a great phone screen. Let say iPhone 11 Pro supports color gamuts and automatic color management. The function of this feature is to make sure that users will always get a proper color Gamut.

As a result, the images on the screen appear with the correct colors no matter whether they are over-saturated or under-saturated. Users will always see stunning images that comfort their eyes. 

iphone 11 pro review

Great Protection Features 

Apple also wants to protect the iPhone 11 Pro screen by using valuable protection features. This company uses scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating to achieve the goal to give a durable screen.

The clean screen and free from scratches, dust, dirt, and oil keep the quality of the display. As a result, you will always see images in their best colors. No matter how many times you touch the screen, it doesn’t give any significant bad impact.    


The description above shows that Apple prepares iPhone 11 Pro well, including the screen. You will be more comfortable even if you have to see the phone screen for a few minutes or hours.

It seems that the phone price is worth enough with the phone specifications you will get. You will feel the benefits even from the first time you see and touch the iPhone 11 Pro screen. It is large enough, clean, and produces stunning images.  

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