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What is Apple Face ID and how does Face ID work?

The fingerprint scanner by Apple, Touch ID, is removed from the newest flagships from iPhone, iPhone X. Well, this feature has been on many series from the brand starting from iPhone 5S to iPhone 8. But you should not worry, on iPhone X, there is a new biometric security applied, Face ID, to scan your face.

Sure, Apple Face ID leads to so many questions mainly in terms of security and easiness compared with Touch ID. If you are one of the iPhone loyal users who want to know this new feature. Here are further explanations for you.

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A Face Scanner with Sophisticated Technology

Face ID is one of the features from Apple applied on iPhone with sophisticated technology. there is a combination of hardware and software with high qualities so that the result given is also accurate.

The first component used is TrueDepth camera that captures not only the face but also the face data. Then, it projects and analyzes more than unseen 30,000 spots to create the depth map of your face as well as get the infrared imagery there.

Second, there is a set of components to capture and analyze your neural systems, known also as the neural engine. They are the neural engine chips of A11, A12 Bionic, and A13 Bionic. Those chips are protected and covered by a package, Secure Enclave.

With Secure Enclave, the face depth mapping that has been created turns into a mathematic representation. It also compares the new data with the face data that have been registered.

Register Your Face on Apple Face ID

Sure, since the feature is basically to compare the old and the new face data, you must register your face first if you want to use it. To do that, open Setting, Face ID, and Password Code.

Meanwhile, to open the device using Face ID, you only need to take a look at the scanner at a glance. Interestingly, the system, mainly the TrueDepth camera, has high sensitivity. it provides a range of view very similarly to when you capture pictures using the front camera.

Therefore, no matter your position, the feature detects it very well. But for the most perfect result, place the device around an arm of less to your face. It is approximately from 25 to 50 cm.

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Is it possible to use Face ID while wearing cosmetics?

This is a question that is often answered by people. How if the user wants to use cosmetics or grow beards and mustache on their faces? In a more extreme case, how if you are decided to undergo a plastic surgery that causes a significant change on your face and even facial nerves?

For a minor change, Face ID from Apple can still identify your face. Therefore, you should not worry about it. But if the change is major, the accuracy of the feature may not be able to identify it anymore. Therefore, Apple provides an additional feature in Face ID. It confirms your identity using a password.

As information, Face ID is designed to still function even if you are wearing accessories like hats, glasses, scarves, soft lenses, and more. It also works in various situations including when your skin tone is changed. You can use it anywhere indoor, outdoor, and in the dark at night.

Security Guarantee on Face ID

Face ID tech makes sure that the security is guaranteed well. It is one of the efforts done by Apple to protect data inside the device. Despite the application of the super high-tech TrueDepth camera, it also applies the engine learning method as a safety solution in case there is a problem with the camera.

Additionally, the facial data are encrypted and protected with only one keyword that is only available for Secure Enclave. It is impossible to say that there must be no one who can open the smartphone using Face ID except the owner. However, the possibility is only 1: 1,000,000. The brand also adds the protection system.

It is that Face ID only allows failures up to 5 times before it asks for the password. Additionally, the probability is different for twins and kids below 13 years old. It is because of their facial uniqueness that may not be developed well.

Here, I provided some video that show you how is face ID work, especially on iphone. Take a look!

Watch video: How is Face ID works?

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