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What Is Apple A12 Bionic Chip and Why This Chip Is so Powerful?

One fascinating thing with the tech gadgets manufactured by the Apple Company is their constant upgrade in technological features. Wasn’t it just a while ago that we got wowed by the specs of the A11 Bionic chip? Now ! it comes more powerful than that. Introduce to you, the A12 Bionic chip.

Now, we’ve been given no other option but to anticipate the craft behind the a12 bionic specs. As rumor has had it, the specification of this chip comes with an impressive upgrade made by the tech team. Firstly, the benchmark of the a12 bionic chip is characterized by its high-level synchronization with memory performance.

If we recall clearly, the a11 bionic chip was the system integrated into the one-time demanding iPhone 8+ and IX. After launch, one mind-blowing feature that caught people’s attention was its 5*64-bits cores that were split into two clusters.

Apple has designs A12 Bionic chip in the form six-core CPU. The A12 Bionic chip has 2 cores are known as Vortex which running at 2.49 GHz whereas the 4 cores are used for energy-efficiency known as Tempest.

As someone who always looked out for Apple devices, this grabbed my attention. Well, today, we would not take a trip down memory lane but discuss the things of the present. In the next few minutes, we’d answer the above question by explaining a few features of the a12 bionic specs.

Specifications of A12 Bionic Chip

PropertyApple A12 Bionic
Design Process7nm
CPU6-core processor (2x Performance cores + 4x Efficiency cores)
GPUApple Designed 4-core GPU
CameraApple's ISP
ChargingWireless charging, Normal Charging via USB
SecurityNeural Engine for Face ID

Its CPU And GPU Upgrade!

The CPU and GPU advancement on this chip system makes it a bit cool over the a11 bionic chip. Just like its predecessor, the a12 bionic specs include six-core processors, a dual performance core, and sync of four efficiency cores.

For folks who are not gadget geeks like me, the processor cores are the section of any devices that processes and perform instructions. They can be compared to the security personnel in a high-level government building.

From the product display made by Apple, the dual performance cores require 45% less power than a11 bionic. Also, it was clear that the speed generated by this chip was more than 15% faster than its predecessor.

The iPhones with the A12 Bionic produce rich and crisp pictures.

If you have a Granny as mine who always wondered why gadget companies make an upgrade, I’ll explain with the cores briefly. What Apple provided with the cores of the a12 bionic specs is a chip with similar efficiency but lesser energy to power.

Now to the GPU! The tech brand came up with a high-quality and super-fast, designed graphics processing unit. The graphics capabilities installed in the a12 bionic chip is almost 50% faster than the a11 bionic. The benchmark also plays a rather minute but significant role in the overall GPU standards of this chip.

If you’ve been following the specs from Apple’s innovation, you’ll notice the graphics switch from the A10 fusion devices to A11 Bionic. The former had graphics processor designs while the A11 bionic devices had graphics in-built designed technology features.

a12 bionic chip
Apple A12 Bionic Chip

The 7-nanometer Tech Creation

Aside from the specs, one thing I love about Apple launches is the way they boast about their innovations. At the time of release, the company was the first mobile-tech company to produce a 7nm chip in a smart device.

Low and behold, the a12 bionic chip was manufactured with a 60% boost in transistor count. Put, the 7nm makes the physical representation of the data sent and received in binary operation much easier to access.

TSMC, the production company, confirmed that these transistors operate almost twice as the logic density of its predecessor. Practically, the switch Apple made from the previous transistor used in the a11 bionic chip created a boost in their signal reception.

The nanometer tech has a dynamic benchmark found in rare high-speed smart devices.

A Captivating Neural Engine

The whole idea behind the “Neural Engine” description before its launch didn’t make sense to me much until it unveiled. The neural engine was first installed into the a11 bionic chip in a double core design with a high stance to perform various operations in an instance.

Ever wondered what the brain behind your favorite Face ID feature was? That’s one of the magical but technical capacities of the neural engine.

The neural engine that is found in the a12 bionic specs has up to 8 cores and performs operations almost 50% faster than a11 bionic. The benchmark is furthermore affected by the 8 times of the a11 bionic chip in the a12 bionic specs.

Apple even made this function super cool when they made Neural Engine available to Core ML. With this, app developers and creators can now create apps using a more advanced machine learning language.

Watch video: a12 bionic chip inside iphone xr, xs and xs max

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