/Samsung QLED TV (What Is You Need To Know!)

Samsung QLED TV (What Is You Need To Know!)

Do you sometimes sit and wonder why your new super HD TV just doesn’t have the level of picture quality you would like it to have? Do you wish that there existed a new kind of technology that would transform your viewing experience into what you always dreamed it would be?

Well, then I have two words for you, QLED TV. For those of you who have been keeping up with this latest development by Samsung, you will know why people are excited for it. If, however, you are unfamiliar with QLED, read on and learn all about Samsung’s newest television technology.

What Is QLED TV?

This new type of TV is quite something to behold. The colour is clearer and sharper than any other TV. The picture seems sharper and it retains the vibrant colours despite the light conditions in the room.

All in all, it seems that this new technology has helped TV picture quality take a huge leap forward. That might be fine and dandy, but what exactly makes QLED so great? How exactly does the Samsung QLED work?

How Does It Work?

Samsung calls their new TV a QLED because they use what they call Quantum Dot LEDs. You might be more familiar with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TVs, which is the QLEDs predecessor in a sense.

They make colours more accurate and vibrant by using what is called a Quantum Dot layer and wrapping it in a new metal alloy. Other TV manufacturers, Samsung included, has used this technology for years, but the QLED is claimed to take it even further.

It works by placing a nano-crystal film, or layer, filled with “Quantum Dots” in front of a normal LCD backlight panel. Each nano-crystal is between 2 and 10 nanometres and the size directly influences the colour of each individual crystal.

Massive 82 in Samsung QLED 8K with Apple TV unboxing!
82″ Samsung QLED 8K TV

What Makes QLED So Amazing?

In QLED TV, colour can be produced far more accurately because of each nano-crystal’s ability to produce its own light. It also means that the QLED screens can create some of the deepest blacks, effectively closing the gap between screens like OLED and LCD.

The backlighting system in QLED also has a great impact on the screen’s quality. By producing light from all directions instead of just a single direction like, say, LCD screens, it greatly improves contrast as well as colour. And you don’t have to worry about viewing angles either, because the technology eliminates that problem too!

What Can The Buyers Expect From QLED?

You can expect not only a better picture quality and colour sharpness, but also a wide range of other great features. Lighting in the room will no longer be a factor in the image’s quality as the screen effectively cancels out any quality deterioration caused by external light sources.

The Quantum Dots have been upgraded to not only be more energy efficient, but also far more durable. This will ensure that your new TV screen keeps its excellent quality for longer without using as much power as your old one.

Not only will you be able to use the QLEDs One Remote to control everything from the cable box, to Live TV, to even the devices plugged into the TV itself. You will also be able to use your mobile phone or similar device to control the TV due to Samsung’s Smart View app being updated!


Is It Too Good To Be True?

Now you might be thinking that this is far too good to be true. Something like this must cost a fortune, right? Well perhaps not! OLED TVs are currently more difficult to produce than their LCD counterparts and thus more expensive (though OLEDs are produced better now than when first invented).

Because of this difference in cost to produce, QLEDs might be even cheaper than the traditional OLEDs despite being a newer technology. Though the pricing has yet to be revealed, it is speculated that the QLEDs price might be undercut not only because of the relatively cheaper production methods, but also to try and get the initial wave of products sold.

So there you have it folks; QLED TV! Samsung’s newest technology, bringing you the best picture quality to date. From its superior technology, to its amazing new features and even its possible cheaper price. It’s no wonder this new tech has made huge waves since its reveal!

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