/Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable Phone | The First “Under Display Camera” Technology

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable Phone | The First “Under Display Camera” Technology

Innovate in the market of smartphones is getting increasingly complicated. With the harsh competition and despite the current rapid advances in technology, companies are struggling to present a new model with different features that will set it apart from the competitors.

If you think about it, the differences between one smartphone model to the other are starting to get more difficult to point out.

And let’s be honest, the newest phones look amazingly good, but because of the frequent use we make of them, it is relatively easy to get them scratched, which completely ruins their appearances.

Here is where Samsung is trying to set itself apart with its new foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

This new version of a previously launched foldable smartphone has still not been launched, but it will soon hit the stores. Many are waiting impatiently because of the great features it comes equipped with.


Furthermore, the company claims that this phone has a significantly higher level of scratch resistance. The cover is made of glass as opposed to the more commonly used plastic.

Sounds great, no? But what else can you expect from this smartphone?

If you are interested to learn more about this new model by Samsung, keep reading this review and learn what you can anticipate for the newest Samsung Galaxy Fold model.

While the first model was not as successful as the company had hoped, with this latest foldable smartphone, Samsung has fixed most of the original mistakes.

The result is a highly attractive smartphone that has a lot to offer to its users,

The Real Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.
108MP, S Pen, Snapdragon 865

The Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will most probably be a clamshell-like device made of ultrathin glass and with an 8″ display.

The design is innovative and the phone looks unlike any other smartphones currently in the market while offering to its users an optimal experience because of the opportunity to transform your 4.6 inches handset into a 7.3 inches tablet within seconds.

The screen looks a bit narrow when used folded, and that is because it is narrower than most smartphones out there. This can make typing a bit harder. In general, it is safe to say that you’ll get the most out of this device when “completely open up”.

Its weight is around 9 ounces and it is important to notice that this smartphone is thicker than its competitors when folded, which might make it not so handy to carry around in your pockets.

One great feature of this special smartphone is the vast storage it offers to its users. With 512 GB at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about making space in your phone anymore! The phone is equipped with a wide-angle 12-MP rear camera and a 10-MP front camera.

Many users praise this phone for its good battery life.


The Price

One of the biggest downsides of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is its extremely high price. With an estimate launch price of $1,980, this is one of the most expensive phones ever.

The latest iPhone offering the same amount of storage is still cheaper than this Samsung model.

But then again, it is true that you have to consider that this smartphone comes with a considerable “wow” factor and sophistication.

The kind of user experience you’ll get with this device, the opportunity to use it as a tablet when needed, really make it different compared to other similar phones.

The design is beautiful and modern, but the phone still looks a bit chunky when closed.

It is better to carry inside your purse or in your jacket pocket, rather than in the pocket of your pants, where it will most probably be uncomfortable to keep it.

The Bottomline

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is a rather unique smartphone. The foldability and the great user experience, as well as the versatility of this device and the extremely high quality of its images, really make this smartphone standing out from the crowd.

It is also true that the phone is very expensive. However, if you want to try out something new, more durable, with an innovative design and offering a unique user experience, this smartphone is the right choice for you.

You’ll most probably find yourself using this phone with the larger screen option, because of the optimal experience it offers you.

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