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New Mclaren 765LT Curb Weight Is Very Quickly Impressed

Weight affects a car’s performance a lot. In the simplest term, a lighter car will run like a wind on the road. It seems that McLaren deals with this fact seriously. As we can see from its new release, the mclaren 765lt curb weight has been reduced a lot. They have made a lot of changes to create this lightweight Supercar, as their new addition in their car series.

How McLaren Cut Down the New 765LT’s Weight?

Compared to the previous series, the 720S, McLaren has succeeded in making the 765LT 150 pounds lighter. The curb weight of this car with the full fuel tank is only 2,963 pounds. So, how did they make it happen? The most noticeable change is the body pieces material change. McLaren uses a full carbon-fiber for this part. This material is known for its lightweight, yet it has high durability and stronger. 

The implementation of carbon-fiber usage as the main material also can be found in the 765LT aerodynamic system. McLaren uses carbon-fiber on almost every part of this system. The front splitter and bumper are pure carbon-fiber. Then, the side skirts and front floor also use the same material. 

The rear side is customized with carbon-fiber material as well, from the rear bumper, diffuser, and even the new rear wing. Speaking about the rear wing, McLaren also uses a new “Longtail” type rear wing. This rear wing actively adjusts its position during the ride.

Thus, it gives more downforce, which also adds more speed and acceleration to this lightweight car. Then, the exhaust system also has been revamped. Now, this car uses a titanium exhaust system. This material cut down 40 percent of the original steel exhaust system.

Furthermore, the transmission feature adopts the Formula 1 type, which is also lighter. Plus, with window glass that is now much thinner and polycarbonate glazing similar to motorsport for replacing the glass panel type, it is not surprising if it can reach that low curb weight.

mclaren 765lt curb weight

The Performance

McLaren stated that 765LT has more things to offer than 720S, the model which 765LT was built upon. From the curb weight department, we can see that this statement is true. It is lighter than 720S. Now, how about its performance?

The specifications themselves tell you how good 765LT is. McLaren uses a new engine V-8, M840T 4.0-liter twin-turbo for this new model. With it under the hood, this car has 755 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque, which can reach 590 lb-ft of max torque. As you can see, these numbers show a great improvement compared to the previous model. 

Of course, speaking about performance, especially Supercar’s performance, it feels incomplete, if we keep away how fast it can run on the street. 765LT has fulfilled our expectations in this department. Its top speed is 205 mph. It is a standard top speed for a Supercar. Furthermore, its acceleration level is also not disappointing. It takes only 2.7 to run from 0 to 60 mph. Another test shows that it only needs 7.2 for 0-124 mph.

McLaren says it plans to produce only 765 cars around the world, with about 30 to 40 percent of those expected to be earmarked for the U.S.


With this speed, 765LT was crowned as the fastest Super Series model to finish one lap on the McLaren testing ground. So, we have a real supercar here. Moreover, McLaren also uses the dual-clutch gearbox to help you change the gear on its seven-speed transmission, easily.

This feature also has a big role in improving the speed and acceleration that this car has. It said that this new gearbox improves the acceleration up to 15 percent compared to other models. Currently, this is the best improvement we can find in a McLaren car.

765LT Specifications

EngineType: V8, 4.0 liter
• Capacity: 3,994cc
Technology: Twin Electrically-Actuated Twin Scroll Turbochargers, Dry Sump
• Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic
• Drive-train: Rear-Wheel Drive
Performance• Max. Speed: 205 mph
• Max. Power: 755 bhp
• Max. Torque: 590lb-ft


Overall, the new 765LT is proof of how McLaren’s capability in creating further development of its precious product. The performance, speed, and power, has been improved a lot. More importantly, the lightweight design also gives it another boost.

The combination of these elements creates one of the best Supercars in McLaren product lines. It is worth buying. The last question maybe is about the price. The initial price when it will be delivered in September this year is $350,000(est.). This is a good price, as we will get one of the fastest Supercars with new design and better performance.

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