/BMW iX3 Electric SUV – First Look Electric SUV Concept

BMW iX3 Electric SUV – First Look Electric SUV Concept

An engine pulses with an electrical heartbeat, a feat of sheer brilliance on a path all its’ own. The race to innovate has left the track with BMW as the automaker creates a buzz surrounding its’ all-new, all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle.

Classic design elements reinvigorated with a futuristic flair, refined to remain true to the cultivated design specs that have set BMW apart.

Sleek, stylistic visuals meet everyday functionality in stunning new electric BMW iX3 SUV. Let’s see what’s on offer from the Bavarian luxury vehicle manufacturer.

BMW iX3 (2021) Premium E-SUV
ix3 electric suv

Meet the BMW iX3 SUV

Concept art for the BMW iX3 reveals a functional, yet aesthetically sophisticated design from a major player in the electric evolution of the automotive industry.

Ultramodern with matte, moonstone silver paint accented by sharp blue details captures the attention and is said to be a cornerstone feature for future models.

Optimizations were made to the kidney grille to reduce air resistance, and the lighter alloy wheels have decreased mass to be more aerodynamically friendly, requiring less power usage on propulsion.

Eye-catching azure accents have also been placed along the contours of the side skirts and rear diffuser.

There’s more to anticipate than its striking appearance alone. Powered by state of the art fifth-generation eDrive technology, the electric motor, transmission, and power electronics have all been consolidated into a single component.

This allows for unprecedented performance while enhancing design autonomy. From zero to 100 in roughly 5.0 seconds, with a top speed of nearly 124 miles per hour, the BMW iX3 SUV achieves the driving capabilities demanded by consumers.

It has range more than 400 km with recharge time is less than 30 min.

BMW iX3 Specifications


Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h*5.0 sec
Top Speed*200 km/h
Electric Range*325 km
WLTP Range400 km
Efficiency*22.9 kWh/100km
Total Power200 kW (272 PS)
Total Torque*500 Nm

Battery and Charging

Battery Capacity*70.0 kWh
Port Location*Left Side – Front
Battery Useable*70.0 kWh
FC Port Location*Left Side – Front

Specifications with an * are estimates. 

Seating for five and all-wheel drive enhance practicality, one of the main reasons consumers consider purchasing sports utility vehicles. All while maintaining strict adherence to ensure the end product produces zero emissions.

Effective engineering and passion for excellence ultimately lead to setting industry standards, and BMW arrives confidently at the forefront of the class, generating sparks of curiosity and attracting new audiences to the electric vehicle business.

High-capacity batteries (estimated to provide an approximate range of 250 miles) are capable of charging in under 30 minutes at a DC fast charging station, offering more functionality to the daily driver than ever before, and silencing past concerns regarding poor range and usability for the average consumer.

BMW stated its commitment to electric vehicle production until at least 2024, suggesting the industry leader has reason to believe electric mobility is moving mainstream.

Clean energy has never been more important or relevant, and the clean running BMW iX3 SUV delivers quality performance without the environmental price.

The electric SUV provides comfortable, high-class versatility in a robust, powerful package; understanding that success not only means meeting demands but also exceeding expectations.

BMW iX3 Price and Release Date

The BMW iX3 release date is slated for March 2020, where Europe will be the first to catch a glimpse of the launch. The BMW iX3 price is estimated at 56,000 GBP (just under 78,000 USD).

It will be interesting to see if the BMW iX3 SUV can outcompete hybrids and other electric vehicles and to gauge whether the price will affect market decisions.

Having previously been slow to provide a release for an electric vehicle line, it’s reinvigorating to see BMW taking their eagerly anticipated steps into the industry, especially with future support being a touched-upon topic.



Zero emissions, cleaner energy, and vehicles with a lower carbon footprint have been part of public interest for many years, but the prevalence of these topics has gained attention from leading automotive manufacturers and companies alike.

Electric vehicles seem to be the next logical stepping stone, and it will be fascinating to keep an eye on industry developments in the years to come. Nothing has yet been set in stone, resulting in a staggering amount of individuality and uniqueness coming through in recent concepts.

Electric vehicles need to break the mold and offer driver’s something new and exciting in a world where everything feels the same. The environmental strain vehicles place on the world can easily be remedied if innovative technology is put to good use.

The BMW iX3 SUV is the first of its’ class from the multinational German company, and they have certainly grabbed the world’s attention with their upcoming release.

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