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mclaren senna gtr

McLaren Senna GTR | One of The Most Powerful Hypercars in The World

McLaren is one of the famous automobile brands that produce powerful and fast cars. Nowadays, McLaren comes with its latest car known as McLaren Senna GTR. The company claims that the vehicle is the strongest hypercars in the world. Check the specifications below to make sure that the car meets the expectation of being a powerful hypercar.


The McLaren Senna GTR is a different car compared to the previous version. One of the significant differences is a huge front splitter and rear diffuser. This improvement produces a vacuum under the car and changes the detail of the vehicle.

For example, the new feature increases the car into 2.200 pounds or 1.000 kg of downforce. The new weight means 441 lbs or 200g more than the Senna or the road version.The weight is less than the Senna version. This supercar is only 2.619 lbs or 1.188 kg. It means that the weight is 22 lbs less than the Senna version.

McLaren applies this model to achieve a maximal power and weight ratio. This specification even makes Senna GTR become a car that has the best power and weight ratio of all cars built by McLaren.


When you enter the car, you will see tiny rectangular steering. McLaren supports the vehicle with rearview cameras with radar, so drivers can easily detect the surroundings while driving at high-speed. Indeed, this feature has a crucial role in a racing car, especially to know the position of the closest opponents. There is a panel on the ceiling, and it is the place of the start button.        


McLaren uses the same carbon fiber material for the Senna and McLaren Senna GTR. On the other hand, you will not see the RaceActive Chassis Control II. Instead of installing the chassis, McLaren chooses to use four-way adjustable Ohlins dampers with adjustable anti-roll bars. It is an unfamiliar model, but it seems acceptable for an extraordinary racing car. The design looks more attractive with the slick tires. 

mclaren senna gtr


This car uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine. This engine produces up to 814 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. The engine supports the power of the car maximally. Once you hit the start button, the car roars as ready to run with its maximal speed. 

McLaren Senna GTR VS McLaren Senna 

The McLaren Senna GTR is different when you compare to McLaren Senna. McLaren Senna is suitable for driving on the road. Because of that, this car follows the regulation to make sure that people can drive it on the road.

Unlike Senna, McLaren Senna GTR is for circuits. McLaren even creates the car without considering FIA regulations. That’s why you can see several wings, flics, and active aerodynamic devices on the car. This sports car also doesn’t follow the Balance of Performance index. You will not see the intake restrictors on the car.

It seems there is no limit on the speed anymore because the car doesn’t have to consider the weight of batteries and electric motors. We can say that the McLaren Senna GTR is more of a competition car than a road car. 

Street Legal 

Another common question is about the legality of driving a Senna GTR on the road. Based on the specifications above, this car is not meant to build for public roads. The specification of the vehicle doesn’t pass the FIA regulation and Balance of Performance index.

McLaren builds this car for a competition or sports car. It is only perfect for circuits. People can drive the Senna or Senna LM if they want to try to drive McLaren Senna on the public roads. The car is even too advanced and too fast for any racing competition. 

mclaren senna gtr price

How About It Price? 

So, how much is the McLaren Senna GTR price? McLaren builds this car in a limited edition. There are only 75 Senna GTRs. The cost per car is $1.7M. The cost is excluding tax, duties, and delivery. It is worth it cost for a super sports car like McLaren Senna GTR.

One thing for sure, McLaren is successful enough to produce the most powerful hypercar in the world, although it is not suitable for roads or competition. It seems that McLaren wants to show that without a boundary, they can produce an extraordinary vehicle on earth.

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