/2020 McLaren Speedtail | A Unique Driver Seat For Hybrid Car
McLaren SpeedTail

2020 McLaren Speedtail | A Unique Driver Seat For Hybrid Car

McLaren achieves a great success after developing McLaren Speedtail. This car is the fourth addition in the McLaren Ultimate Series, after McLaren Senna, McLaren P1 and the F1.

The special thing about this hybrid car is its top speed. Just imagine that you drive the car up to 250 mph. That’s why experts say that the car has a fast speed as F1 vehicles. They even say that this car will be the spiritual successor to the F1.

The difference is that you don’t have to feel the great speed inside the car alone. You may bring up to two passengers to feel the sensation of riding this super speed car. Let’s take a look at the detail of the McLaren Speedtail that makes it similar to the F1 cars.

mclaren speedtail
Entire Body of McLaren Speedtail


McLaren seems to develop a super-fast car not only from the engine but also from the design of the body. The body of the McLaren Speedtail is similar to a teardrop.

The design is the most effective model to boost speed. The idea is to achieve the highest velocity just like a bird or fish. You are about to see a sleek car from a far away. McLaren uses this design not only to make it looks elegant but also to prevent turbulent air over the body.

Besides inspired by birds and fish, the exterior also uses the detail that is commonly used by an aircraft. This is the reason why the car has a balance speed, along with a good airbrake function. In the case of the exterior you will have an elegant that supports the entire performance.


This elegant hybrid car has a three-seat model. The unique part is the location of the driver’s seat. You will have a new driving sensation of driving a car by sitting in the middle. McLaren uses high-quality leather to boost the driver’s comfortableness.

The high-quality leather also helps to keep your position when you drive the car. McLaren also uses an electrochromic glass to block the sunlight. It is not only boosting its comfort but also safety. The dashboard looks stylish and striking with the use of the Scandinavian leather and polished hand-brushed aluminum for the controllers and switches.

The system allows you to operate McLaren Speedtail without a special key. The panels are at the top of the driver’s head. It keeps drivers easy to control the system.


One of the interesting specs is its engine. McLaren puts a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine to boost the speed and power. The engine and an electric motor produce up to 1035 horsepower and 848 lb-ft of torque.

The model increases the velocity of the car and it triggers optimum car speed. Just imagine that because of the engine and the exterior design, McLaren Speedtail reaches 186 mph in only 12.8 seconds.

The achievement is even faster than the achievement of the McLaren P1. It is also the only car that can achieve 250mph so far.     

Safety Features

The detail shows that McLaren Speedtail is not a streetcar. The design seems to lack of safety features. This car only has a standard backup camera and electrochromic glass as the safety features.

The position of the seat also becomes the consideration, especially in the USA. The drawback of this seat model is that there will be no airbags. McLaren explains that they use the latest camera to make it more aerodynamic than traditional cameras.


This is a simple hybrid car because you don’t have to recharge the car to a specific station. The car will recharge automatically when you drive it. McLaren installs a wireless charging pad in the car to supports automatic charging.

It also uses a high-tech glass in which you only have to push a button to make it darker. As a result, drivers don’t have to use sun visors. The design looks out of the box because of the lack of door mirrors.

McLaren changes the mirrors with HD cameras. The camera will pop out when you start to turn on the car.   

How About It Price?

So, how much money you think you have to spend to drive a super-fast car? Just imagine that you are about to drive the fastest McLaren car ever.

McLaren launches the Speedtail starts around $2million. The price seems to be reasonable enough with all the fantastic detail, high-tech features, and outstanding speed. Indeed, McLaren Speedtail is a sports car than a streetcar.

Watch video: McLaren Speedtail | First Look

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