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mclaren p1 gtr

McLaren P1 GTR | The Most Hardcore and Aggressive Car Has Ever Made

Talking about supercars released in the market in recent years, it seems not complete without mentioning McLaren P1 GTR. Yes, this car is very interesting starting from the limited production to the fact that the cars have not been used at all when it is released.

It is proven by the odometer of 0 km in the car. But although there is no trial at all, McLaren just proves that the supercar is worth buying. Even the high price offered makes many people are getting more curious about it. So, how are the specs and performance of McLaren P1 GTR? Here is the explanation.

Exterior and Interior Designs

The car exterior features black color with a typical style of P1 GTR. It is signed with a more aerodynamic bumper, unique lamps, bigger air ventilation on the cap, and futuristic-style rearview mirrors on the right and left side of the car’s body.

There is also a big wing on the rear as well as double mufflers to make the supercar look more fashionable but also aggressive at once. What you can see right now is the final design of the P1 GTR. Based on some sources, there are some changes applied to Lanzante Motorsport. The changes are mainly intended to make the car run more smoothly on the road. 

Compare to McLaren P1, the GTR version is indeed quite similar. However, there are still some differences particularly in terms of the details. The front wheels of McLaren P1 GTR are wider up to 80 mm and the suspension is lower by 50 mm.

It features the Pirelli wheels that cover the velg of 19 inches. The downforce is increased by around 10% for the application of new flaps on the front wheels. The rear wing is still the same with a height of 40 cm. To manage it, there is a button available. 

For the interior, the P1 GTR from McLaren is layered with carbon fiber. Besides, the company removes all features that are considered not really important for the sake of reducing the burden of the car. The setting button be replaced to the steering wheel.

mclaren p1 gtr

This decision was inspired by the champion of Formula 1 in 2008, MP4-23. The car is built based on the MoniCage carbon fiber structure with a weight of less than 90 kg. You should not worry since the weight still fulfills the requirements of FIA for GT racing. 

To spoil the driver as well as the passengers more, McLaren P1 GTR has been equipped with seats for racing cars. This way, they can just manage the seating based on their body shape and positions.

The infotainment systems are also placed and designed based on MP4-24 cars. It is seen from the dashboard along with details including the air conditioner.

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McLaren P1 GTR Engine

For performance, McLaren P1 GTR applies the hybrid system. It features the engine of V8 Twin Turbo 3,800cc Mid-Mounted and an electric motor with 986 horsepower.

The supercar is claimed to run very quickly with an acceleration of 0-100 km per hour only in 2 seconds. Additionally, the top speed presented by the car is 362 km per hour anyway.

The power is also supported by some components including the rear wheels. It is equipped with the DOHC cooling system with 32 valves to develop the torque power of 720 Nm.

Although the car is designed in such a way to compete well with other types of a supercar, the dynamic performance of the McLaren P1 GTR is still considered confusing for some people.

Well, the engine sounds great but there is nothing special. But with that no-really-special engine, the car can produce a big power that has been proven in various terrains.

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Now! Let’s Talk About it Price

Okay, it is known well that the supercar is excellent in its class. So, how much is the McLaren P1 GTR price is? For the new product, currently, the vehicle is offered at around $2.6 million.

For the secondhand one, it varies depending on the current conditions. However, it seems that the price has not decreased too significantly. Well, the number is reasonable by remembering how good the performance of the supercar is.

If you are a lover of supercars with incredible performance, McLaren P1 GTR is a great vehicle to collect.

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