/McLaren 720S Spider | The Most Accomplished Convertible Supercar Ever From McLaren
mclaren 720s convertible

McLaren 720S Spider | The Most Accomplished Convertible Supercar Ever From McLaren

McLaren 720 Spider is an excellent super convertible supercar that delivers high-performance. For those who love supercar, this McLaren 720S convertible is a real deal. It was launched in December 2018 and it was told to have extreme sports performance.

This is believed to be the most accomplished supercar from McLaren which is the perfect version of its series. This McLaren 720S Spider brings the technology to the new level. It is ready for a supercar competition. 
This time McLaren 720S Spider is ready for the new model of this series. This car represents a combination of excellent speed and also crafted luxury.

The design is immaculate and surely will catch people’s attention. This is a work of art from McLaren which will soon become available on the market. McLaren 720S Spider is believed to be the most accomplished convertible which will not let you disappointed. Let’s have a look at its specifications and aesthetic look.

Powerful and Super Fast

This McLaren 720S Spider is absolutely a supercar that comes with a fighter jet body. It has an insanely powerful machine of 710 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 power-train. That is exactly insane! All of those great powers are nicely packed in a skull-like expression. It is located on its dihedral doors. This car delivers Formula 1 race car performance. 

The engine of this McLaren 720S Spider is powered by the 4.0 liter McLaren V8. Besides the ability to deliver 710 horsepower, this car also can deliver 770Nm of torque. During its test, this McLaren 720S Spider could race from zero to 62 mph in only 2.9 seconds. That is super fast for a race car. But it does not stop there as it speeds up to 124 mph in only 5 seconds. So, the calculation is 7.9 seconds for zero to 124 mph.

Besides the speed that is very impressive, this McLaren 720S Spider also has another goal. McLaren is also competing for the lightweight race car. This series weighs 1,332 kg and it became the lightest car in its class. Even though it is light, it is also extremely strong which can deliver the maximum speed with safety. 

McLaren used its new carbon fiber roof system that was pretty amazing. It can close the roof for only 11 seconds when the car reaches 31 mph. This patented carbon-fiber roof system made it the roof system as the fastest-operating time for a supercar in its class. This is really a dream car for those who are kin on speed and luxury.

PerformanceMax. Speed: 212 mph
(0-62 mph): 2.9 seconds
(0-124 mph): 7.9 seconds
Max. Power: 710 bhp
Max. Torque: 568 lb-ft
EngineCapacity: 3,994 cc
Type: V8, 4.0-liter
Technology: Twin Electrically-Actuated Twin Scroll Turbochargers, Dry Sump
Braking(62-0 mph): 98ft
(124 -0 mph): 387ft
Efficiency*CO2 Emissions EU WLTP: 276g/km
WeightDry Weight (Lightest): 1,332kg
DIN Kerb Weight: 1,468kg
Source: McLaren
mclaren 720s spider specifications

Elegant Exterior and Interior

When it comes to a race car, it is not only the speed that matters. The Interior and exterior design are also important. A race car is the combination of speed and luxury so we can enjoy it in the wild. This McLaren 720S Spider has such wonderful shape.

Its exterior is immaculate and it also comes with a lightweight structure. This two-seat supercar has a body like a spider. It looks masculine and also elegant at the same time. The body itself comes with high technology that every inch of it has the function to protect the passengers.

The interior is also a great topic to talk about. Just like a standard supercar, the low-seated cabin is so appealing. There will be a luggage compartment under its hood which is quite unique for a race car. So, forget about storing small items on the ample space in this McLaren 720S Spider.

mclaren 720s convertible

It will not be there because this supercar has a different theme. While enjoying the ride, this McLaren 720S  Spider also comes with high-tech entertainment and connectivity. There will be a 8.0-inch touchscreen that can entertain passengers during the ride.

It also comes with cool features such as a four-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, and also 2 USB ports. If you need a more powerful sound system, you can upgrade to the 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins unit. You also can use the McLaren Track Telemetry to record the track.

This is optional, but you can try it out anyway. In other words, this McLaren 720S Spider is absolutely the symbol of perfection for a super convertible car in its class. The tag price itself is around $315,000.

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