/2020 Review McLaren 675LT Spider From My Perspective
mclaren 675lt spider

2020 Review McLaren 675LT Spider From My Perspective

It is known that McLaren is one of the most prestigious automotive brands in the world. It is known also that the price for each series is always expensive. Compared to other cars, nothing in the McLaren series is called to be cheap.

But in fact, they always have so many enthusiasts. Not only this matter proves so many rich people out there but also it shows McLaren is always leading in terms of quality. Of course, those people may think twice to spend a large amount of money if the product is not good.

Currently, the automotive brand from the UK releases the convertible version of supercar McLaren 675LT. It is named 675LT Spider. And just like what has been explained above, all the products are fully booked.

Even brand management has stopped the order form all around the world. There are 2 types of the car based on the steering wheel, right and left steering. None of both types have remained anyway.

It is reasonable actually why the product is sold out that quickly and easily. Before the official release, loyal and potential customers could peek at the design and specifications of McLaren 675LT Spider. Some of the customers even simply agree to buy it only in minutes.

The Specifications

As information, McLaren 675LT, LT here stands for Long Tail. The code refers to the longer rear spoiler than the previous series, making it more unique and special.

The spokesperson of McLaren has spilled the tea before the release that this series would be more lightweight but with stronger power of the engine. The convertible roof of the supercar can be opened or closed while running up to the speed of 30 km per hour.

For the engine, there is almost nothing to change from 675LT Coupe. So, it is still 3.8 liter V8 Twin Turbo, known as the single-engine of McLaren. The same thing is also for the power in which the car features 666 horsepower as well as the torque is 700 Nm.

The power is distributed to rear wheels only. The acceleration is from 0 to 100 km per hour making it quite similar to another series from McLaren, it is Monster Hybrid McLaren P1.

mclaren 675lt spider

Image: Youtube

Exterior Design

The supercar series is always related to a kind of modern and futuristic design. It looks like McLaren adapts this concept well through McLaren 675LT. The visual design is optimally made to make it compatible and in line with the car’s performance.

Overall, the design is still a typical look of McLaren as you can see in previous products. However, some points become 675LT’s characteristics. The front splitter is bigger even up to 80%. The aspect ratio of the longtail airbrake is also added.

Those upgraded features help the product do many more things. For example, the downforce is increased up to 40%. This increase is significant mainly if you compare them to the same features from other series.

Even in McLaren 650S, it is known that the downforce has been big and efficient enough. Then, McLaren 675LT is an improvement of them.

Some components are entirely re-designed. They are including the bumper and rear deck. Those components are guaranteed to be improved and more sophisticated for sure. But at the same time, it contributes to how the supercar becomes more lightweight.

Interior Design

Different from the exterior design that is presented with so many upgrades and changes, the interior design is not like that. It seems to be more focused on performance.

There is no more carpet inside but it is replaced with the carbon fiber MonoCell feature. The dashboard is larger and more convenient as well as the infotainment feature that is easier to operate. When it comes to a question, why McLaren 675LT Spider looks more modest in the interior, there are some answers for it.

mclaren 675lt spider specs

Image: Youtube

McLaren still wants to keep some features from the previous series that have been very good enough. Besides, the brand also wants to highlight the lightness of the series. It just makes the car entirely feels more comfortable to drive.

How is it about the price? In the UK, McLaren 675LT Spider was sold at £285,450 or it equals $355,867. Do you think it is very expensive? It is not actually as the number is compatible with all features given.

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