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a14 bionic chip

Apple Has Launched It Latest Processor Apple A14 Bionic Chip

Apple always makes some breakthroughs every time they release a new product. This year is no exception. Their latest product, iPhone 12, uses a new chip. The name of the new core for Apple’s new device is the apple a14 bionic chip. As usual, Apple also brings something new through this chip that improves the overall performance of the new gadget. Let’s see what this chip has and can do.

apple a14 bionic chip
A14 Bionic Chip

The First 5nm Chip

A14 is the first 5nm chip ever used in a Smartphone. Apple being the first is not surprising, as they did several times with their previous product. As for A14, the 5nm technology means a lot. On this small size, there are more transistors used in it. That will increase the effectiveness as well as lower the power consumption. 

If we have to mention the number, in an A14 chip, you will find 11.8 billion transistors. Compared to the previous model, the A13, which only has 8.5 billion transistors, A14 offers more cores, which means more features you can get from it.

Six-Core CPU

Even though A14 has a lot of improvement regarding its size and transistors numbers, it uses the same six-core CPU as A11, A12, and A13. However, Apple claimed that this CPU has been improved and upgraded. It uses two high-performance cores that work together with the four high-efficiency cores. 

This design allows it to work with more instruction per clock (IPC). Thanks to this design, it can process more instruction, which affects directly the entire performance of this core. As for the result, this CPU works 40 percent faster than the previous CPU.

New GPU On Apple A14 Bionic Chip

Apple also uses the latest GPU architecture for this chip. This new GPU architecture uses four cores, similar to the architecture in the A13 chip. This new design provides not only better but also stable performance. Best of all, the GPU will use low power to operate. 

If we have to measure the improvement of this new GPU, Apple gives us the number for that. They said that this GPU architecture improves 30 percent of the graphics performance compared to the previous model. This improvement is significantly big, which offers clear differences in performance than the older model.

apple a14 chip
Source: Apple

New Neural Engine 

One of the advantages of the Apple chip is the neural engine. It is a unique technology that you can only find on an Apple device. It uses several silicon blocks to create an AI system that can calculate much better than a similar chip. This Neural Engine is capable of processing 600 billion operations per second. Best of all, Apple doubled the number of the Neural Engine core in the A14 core.

On the previous model, the A13 chip, Apply only uses 8 cores, which can process 6 trillion operations per second. In the A14 chip, Apple doubles it into 16 cores. This new cores number also increases the operation per second capability of this chip. Now, it can impressively process 11 trillion operations per second. 

The new Neural Engine capability also gives the device that uses this chip better performance in the autonomous part. For example, the AI system in the device will be “smarter” than the previous one. It offers more opportunities for an app developer to create more complex and various types of AI-based apps. Therefore, you can expect many amazing apps in the future that you can install and use on your new iPhone and other Apple devices.

Apple A14 Bionic Chip Specification

Designed byApple Inc.
LaunchedSeptember 15, 2020
CPU Configuration2x Firestorm (Big cores)
4x Icestorm (Little cores)
(Fully-custom CPU designs)
GPU4 core (Apple in-house design)
Max. CPU Clock2.99 GHz
AI/ DSP16-core Neural Engine
Modem4G LTE
5G sub-6Ghz & mmWave


Compared to other chips you can find on the market today, we can easily say that A14 is the best if not one of the best chips with the highest performance it can bring to the device. One of the most important parts is its ability to improve AI capability significantly, which will become the main element of the technology applied to the device in the future.

The A14 will revolutionize or at least, become the pioneer of the chip with high AI capability. We can see that other brands will also follow them to create a similar chip for their device. But, we all know that Apple will also release innovation and better specs after this. So, we can expect a much better device in the future of this brand.

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