/Koenigsegg Gemera | The World’s First Four-Seat MEGA GT Hypercar

Koenigsegg Gemera | The World’s First Four-Seat MEGA GT Hypercar

New 4-seat hypercar

We have always known the Swedish company Koenigsegg for its two-seater hypercars that competed for the title of the fastest car in the world.

But its founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, decided to continue the development of the brand in a new direction.

A new four-seat Gemera will take place in the model range of the brand, which can claim a record-breaking dynamics for such cars.

It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 1.9 s, and its top speed is 400 km/h! Gemera could achieve such a result thanks to the new hybrid engine.

Koenigsegg Gemera - This Hypercar Runs Off Volcano Energy!
“Runs off Volcano Energy”


The company’s engineers called this engine with an individual valve drive system Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG). And it was developed by the Swedish company FreeValve AB, also owned by Christian von Koenigsegg.

They have first demonstrated the revolutionary technology Qamfree four years ago (together with the Chinese company Qoros). But since that time, the specialists have improved it.

An electro-pneumatic actuator drives each of the valves. An actuator is a pneumatic cylinder, in which electronics control the pressure. It allows the valves to open and close at any moment, as well as freely change their amplitude.

Two turbochargers connected to cylinder exhaust valves complement the engine. At low loads, only one turbine works, and the second one starts when needed. Electronics can turn off the cylinders and start the engine work in the Miller cycle.

Another notable feature is an exceptional heating system of the intake manifold. It delivers heated compressed air inside and allows on increasing the temperature in the intake channel by 30 degrees in just a couple of seconds.


As a result, the TFG engine weighs only 70 kg and produces an impressive 608 HP and 600 Nm. Besides, Gemera has three electric motors. One of them (405 HP, 500 Nm) is on the crankshaft and, together with a gasoline engine, drives the front axle.

And two more electric motors are responsible for the rotation of the rear wheels and generate 507 HP and 1000 Nm each. Thus, the peak power of the hybrid installation is 1723 HP and the maximum torque is 3500 Nm!

Koenigsegg Gemera ENGINE Explained - 1700HP from 3 cylinders
This is how Koenigsegg Gemera engine works


The charge of the 800-volt battery with a capacity of only 16.6 kWh is enough for 50 km in electric mode. And the maximum hybrid range of the hypercar reaches 1000 km. By the way, at speeds up to 300 km/h, Gemera can go without the use of a three-cylinder engine.

Other features of the car include a fully-controlled chassis, a hard carbon fiber monocoque, exterior body panels made of the same material, adaptive cruise control, and a lane holding system.

Appearance and dimensions

The team of designers of the Korean brand Genesis had a hand in the appearance of the Koenigsegg Gemera hypercar. They have also worked on the face of the Bugatti Chiron coupe.

Gemera reaches 4975 mm in length, and its width and height are 1988 mm and 1295 mm, respectively. The wheelbase of the hybrid hypercar is 3000 mm, and its curb weight is 1850 kg.


The salon has four seats (however, there are only two branded lifting doors). In the middle of the front panel, you will find the 13-inch media system screen.

And the interior of the Swedish hypercar offers eight cup holders – not every typical family crossover has so many of them. There are two trunks in the car (front and rear), but their entire volume is only 200 liters.


Koenigsegg will produce a total of 350 vehicles of this model. The manufacturer has not announced the official price. But, according to preliminary information, speed fans will have to spend 1.7 million euros for such a car.

koenigsegg gemera specs
Source: Koenigsegg


Gasoline engine

• Koenigsegg Tiny Friendly Giant 3-cylinder engine

• 608 HP power

• 600 Nm torque

70 kg of weight

Electric motors

Three Electric Motor

Two 507 HP motors for rear wheels, One 405 HP electric motor on the crankshaft


• Length: 4975 mm

• Height: 1295 mm

Width: 1988 mm

• Curb weight: 1850 kg

• Total trunk volume (rear and front): 200 L

• Optional roof box

• Fuel capacity: 75 L

• Wheelbase: 3000 mm

• Battery: 800 V 16.6 kWh


The world’s first four-seat mega GT hypercar from Koenigsegg has surprised the public with its unbelievable parameters. Its futuristic shape and impressive power will find many buyers.

And a hybrid engine system allows decreasing air pollution. So the new Koenigsegg Gemera is not only super fast and powerful but also eco-friendly.

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