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iphone 11 specs

iPhone 11 | Learn About The Key Features and Specs

As usual, when Apple launches its new product, it always improves its performance and adds more features. iPhone 11 is no different. Compared to the previous model, Apple upgrades its performance and specifications, quite significantly. Here, we are going to find more about this.

Display Screen

The new iPhone 11 screen uses a better display than the previous model. Even though it still uses a similar LCD that iPhone XR used, the specification and performance are much better. Apple calls this 6.1-inch screen as the Liquid Retina HD Display.

With 326ppi depth and 1792 x 828 resolutions, this is maybe one of the best display screens on today’s Smartphone. The True Tone features control the white balance, ambient lighting, and other elements. It’s all for one purpose, providing the true-to-life colors through this screen.

Haptic Touch

Apple decided to remove 3D touch features from all its latest iPhone series. Replacing that feature, iPhone 11 uses Haptic Touch. The touch feature might lose its hypersensitivity. However, Haptic Touch is much easier to use.

Now, you don’t need to worry about mistakenly pressing and can’t adjust your pressure power. Haptic Touch uses the more traditional approach in responding to the touch. It’s how long you touch the screen to operate a certain menu.

iPhone 11 specs
iPhone 11

The Design

Apple uses the glass body for iPhone 11 exterior, which is similar to iPhone XR. However, Apple said that they have improved this body design to provide better protection. It is made of one of the strongest glass for smartphones. Then, it also has an IP68 feature, a better water-resistance feature. This combination creates better durability for iPhone products.

Spatial Audio

As for the audio part, Apple uses Spatial Audio technology, which produces much better sound than the previous model. Furthermore, this technology also supports Dolby Atmos. Thanks to this feature, you will get the different audio experiences that you won’t get from the previous iPhone and other smartphones.

A13 Bionic

If you are looking for the best processor in a Smartphone, the easiest place to find it is the iPhone. iPhone, since it was released for the first time, always carries a processor that is one level above other Smartphones. In short, its processor is the best. iPhone also offers the same with its a13 bionic chip.

A13 Bionic 7-nanometer uses the third-generation Neural Engine. This chip has a 20 percent faster CPU and GPU compared to the previous A12 chip. Furthermore, the new machine Learning Accelerator gives it a superior boost that improves its performance multiple times.

This new accelerator processes more than 1 trillion operations per second. It improves the AI performance, as well as how it processes the application and task you do on iPhone 11. 

When people said that the processor is the core of a mobile device, we can see it clearly on this iPhone 11. The performance and capability of the A13 Bionic chip represent how good iPhone 11.

iphone 11 key features
iPhone 11 3D Mockup

Better and Full-Features Camera

Performance is not the only amazing part of the iPhone 11. Apple also improves the camera system a lot. It uses the new dual-lens camera, which is a better camera than iPhone XR. This setup allows you to use the standard wide-angle shot, or if you want more, it also can do the 120-degree view shot with its ultra-wide-angle shot. Ultra-wide shot capture four times more scenes than the standard wide-view shot. Therefore, this is a perfect camera for capturing scenery and such. 

Portrait Mode is one of the best features that the iPhone has, since the XR version. The best of all, on iPhone 11, its dual-lens camera is integrated with the Portrait Mode. It creates a new upgrade for Portrait Mode. Now, you can use it for not only people. But, you also can take a picture of other objects with this mode. Compared to the iPhone XR, which Portrait Mode only supports for a person shot, this is a great improvement.

Bottom Lines

It is not wrong if we call iPhone 11 as the best Smartphone today with all those improvements, features, and specs. And, the price is not that expensive, if we see what we get from this device. Try it yourself to know more about the amazing thing about this phone. 

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