/McLaren Senna Price | How Much Does McLaren Senna Cost?

McLaren Senna Price | How Much Does McLaren Senna Cost?

In 2019. McLaren comes with a race car that turned into a road car, an elegant-monstrous Senna. Yes, McLaren Senna is a straightforward performance street-legal supercar coming with 4.0 L high powered V8 just like an undercover race car.

The name Senna was taken from Ayrton Senna to preserve a Formula 1 legend into a drivable supercar masterpiece. Many fans have wondered about the Mclaren Senna price since it’s launched last year because there was limited information available about the car’s limited production.

McLaren Senna has the specification that goes beyond its engine performance that we’d talk about later. The body is aerodynamically designed and backed up with front-rear active fins.

Some would say the design is esoteric instead of eccentric but undoubtedly functional to support the performance. However, it’s quite interesting to find out that the rigid personalization that usually comes along with McLaren’s superb product, is actually absent in the Senna model.

McLaren kept the production of Senna limited to keep the hypercar exclusive. The track-focused performance isn’t the only thing that buyers should pay for.

Like other McClaren’s hypercar, the price tag is boutique as each Senna that comes out from a manufacturing site would be unique. Let’s have a look at what’s loaded in this McLaren’s new family member.

mclaren senna price

Specs Before The Price

McLaren Senna is a fully engineered hypercar with a complete pack of performance-driven technical specifications. McLaren pushed Senna to the edge of the street-legal boundary by preserving the track-focused infrastructure as much as they could.

Ultimate Performance

Can you imagine if you merge two Porsche into one car? That’s what constitutes McLaren Senna. The twin-turbocharged 4000 cc V8 engine produces 789 horsepower that requires advanced-engineered aerodynamics to keep the car stay on the ground.

The engine power can make the McLaren Senna running from 0 to 60 mph within 2.7 seconds. That’s why it also comes with a racing-grade harness to keep you intact with your seat.

Handling and Driving Experience

Built for track-capable road performance, McLaren Senna comes with perfect handling at high speed. It appears to be stiff in the beginning but you’d have better control as you increase the speed. Senna comes with carbon-ceramic brakes that are inspired by the Formula 1 application.

In the driver’s compartment, you’d find the 8-inch intuitive touchscreen, navigation, and built-in climate control feature. These, as manufacturer’s expected, bring on-track riding performance into the road.


Above all, we want to highlight how such high-powered hypercar like Senna can become so light. The main contribution comes from the car’s tub that’s made from entirely carbon-fiber material.

While it provides the ultimate strength to support the body and engine infrastructure, the material application reduces the car’s weight significantly. The engineered active aerodynamics prevents the car from flying.

Senna GTR

It’s not surprising that McLaren made Senna GTR, the non-road-legal version of this model. The manufacturer doesn’t tune road-legal Senna to make a Senna GTR. This race hypercar comes with 825 HP with GT3’s suspension.

It’s indeed faster, more powerful, but not prettier than the commercial Senna. It has lighter yet stiffer arms with advanced application of double-wishbone suspension. The production Senna GTR was more limited than the street-legal Senna as there are only 75 units around the world.

mclaren senna gtr price

Mclaren Senna Price

Generally speaking, when it comes to McLaren Senna, you pay for the performance. The road-legal McLaren Senna’s price tag is around $950,000 to $1,000,000 with limited production to 500 units only.

They’ve been sold out now and the only way to get one is through auction or negotiating with current owners. McLaren Senna’s auctioned price is up to $ 2 million.

The price of the road is arguably cheaper if you compare to Mclaren Senna GTR price today. McLaren Senna GTR’s price starts from $1,650,000 and already sold via pre-order, no auction price was ever reported.


McLaren Senna is a remarkable hypercar manufactured for performance. Buyers paid for engineered track-grade power in a carbon-fiber tub instead of rigid personalization like other McLaren’s premium models.

McLaren Senna was priced $ 1 million respectively with a double in the auctioned tag. McLaren GTR is built for track use only and has even higher performance than the road version.

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