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Most Incredible A12X Bionic Chip

When we talk about iPad Pro 2018, we will discuss A12X Bionic Chip. iPad Pro lovers may be curious about the function of this bionic chip to the performance of the devices. This article will discuss a little bit about the role of A12X Bionic Chip on the iPad Pro devices.

The Special Part of A12X Bionic Chip 

The unique part of this bionic chip in its process. The chip is built up the same seven-nanometer process. The difference is on the 10 billion transistors and an 8-core Neural Engine.

Apple applies this technology for the most recent iPhones as well as four from the last iPad releases. The purpose of using this bionic chip is to boost its efficiency, multitasking performance, and real-time machine learning. 

The Benefits of Applying A12X Bionic Chip on iPads

Putting an A12X Bionic chip seems a good option for Apple. Just imagine that this chip boosts the CPU performance up to 90% on iPad devices. Indeed, the performance is better than the previous generations of iPad devices.

The chip also gives a significant impact on its speed. iPads with an A12X Bionic chip is faster than any portable PCs available in the market. Because of that, you can use two different apps comfortably. You can change from an app to another app smoothly without a lag issue.

The chip boosts the system to deliver five trillion operations per second. This device is also compatible with AR, photo editing, and gaming. You can save important data in one terabyte of storage. 

The Speed 

One of the important elements of an iPad that get a significant impact after applying the A12X bionic chip is the speed. The speed is incredible in which you can also use the Smart Face ID technology on iPad devices smoothly. The system can detect your face immediately and activate the phone right away.

The Apple pencil also works well and maximally because of the use of this bionic chip. It seems that you are writing with a real pencil while using the Apple Pencil on iPad devices. The A12X Bionic chip makes iPad Pro devices become a more dynamic device. 

The Performance of A12X Bionic Chip Compared To Previous Chips

Seeing the specification of the iPad Pro devices with an A12X Bionic Chip, you may want to know the performance of this chip more than previous chips. The thing that you should understand is that the A12X Bionic chip is available on the iPad Pro 11 inches and 12.5 inches from 2018.

It has 8 Cores in which it is 4 performance cores and 4 power efficiency cores. The core is higher than the A12 chip on the iPhone XS. The core is also better than A10X in the old iPad Pro models. The high core boosts the performance by up to 95%. 

This bionic chip also brings a new GPU with 7 cores, M12 Motion coprocessor, and a Neural Engine with 8 cores. The detail leads the chip to do up to 5 trillion operations per second. According to the number of the transistors, the A12X Bionic chip also has more transistors.

Apple supports the chip with 10 billion transistors whereas the previous A12 chip is only 6.9 billion transistors. It is even bigger than Snapdragon 835 which only has 3 billion transistors or a Skylake desktop quad-core Soc which only has 1.75 billion transistors.

Indeed, the performance of the A12X Bionic chip is even better than the A12. It includes the ice storm unlimited physics 1280×720 offscreen, slingshot open GL ES 3.0 unlimited physics 2560×1440, 64 Bit Single-core score, 64 Bit Multi-core score, and many more.

A12X Bionic Chip Specifications

Designed ByApple Inc.
IntroductionOctober 30, 2018 (Announced)
November 7, 2018 (Launched)
March 18, 2020 (Discontinued)
Part NumberT8027
Used ByiPad Pro 11″ and iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd gen)
Manufacturing Technology7nm (0.007 μm, 7.0e-6 mm)
Die122 mm² (0.189 in², 1.22 cm², 122,000,000 µm²)
CodenameVortex , Tempest and Chinook
FeaturesARMv8 Instruction Set
Clock Rate2.49 Ghz
CacheL1 – 128 KB instruction, 128 KB data
L2 – 8 MB
Number of Cores / Threads8 / 8
Transistor10 billions
64-Bit64-Bit support
GPUApple-designed 7-core


The A12X chip features a neural engine codenamed Quin. It has a capability of processing 5 trillion 8-bit operations per second.


The performance is much better since the A12 bionic chip offers 6 cores. The chip divides the cores into 2 performance cores and four power-efficiency cores.

The similarity is only in the use of a new GPU, the M12 Motion coprocessor, and a Neural Engine with 8 cores. Whether the A12X bionic chip or A12 bionic chip can produce up to 5 trillion operations per second. One thing for sure that both of them are a big chip compared to Snapdragon 835 or Skylake desktop quad-core Soc in terms of the number of its transistors.

So, don’t get surprised if iPad Pro devices feel much better and even amazing than the previous generation. Now, you know that one of the secrets is its A12X Bionic chip.

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