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What Everyone Ought To Know About 5G | The Benefits

So what make 5g is so special and its relation to the internet of things (IoT). Compared to the 4G LTE, it will be able to embrace up to 100 times more connected devices per unit area.

With the advancements in smartphone technology and mobile communication network, we have witnessed several data technology generations in the last decade.

It all began with 3G, gradually moved to 4G LTE and today 5G has become the latest buzz in the town. Every generation of this wireless technology has brought reliable and faster internet connectivity.

5G is essentially a developing network that encompasses a wide assortment of devices than just smartphones.

The ultimate goal of 5G is offering low power consumption, lower latency, higher data rate, and improved system capacity other than massive connectivity between the devices.

Here is a list of few of the benefits; you can reap from 5g internet:

Low Latency

Low Latency happens to be another integral benefit of 5g speed internet. Latency is essentially response time, in layman language. It refers to the time which gets elapsed once you click on any video link and the time the video streaming starts.

As you hit on the click button, a request is sent to the network after which it responds and eventually the streaming of video starts. The time, taken for the completion of the steps is referred to as latency.

While 4G networks have the latency rate of twenty milliseconds, 5G network is expected to have the latency rate of just one millisecond.

Thus, with the 5G network, you can expect that you will be able to stream videos without any lag. This response is essential for the gamers who play the graphic enriched video games in VR.

Low latency can be a blessing for those surgeons who intend to control the robotic arms accurately for performing robotic surgery on the patient.

More connected devices

This is the most important advantage of a 5G network. This network is designed for connecting a wide array of appliances or devices, in comparison to the regular mobile network.

5G network is expected to power a bunch of devices, which are part of the Internet Of Things smoothly. 5G networks will make sure that devices which do not need any internet connection constantly take lesser bandwidth.

Self-driving cars

Though different companies are trying to invest in self-driving cars, studies reveal that it is not possible to get driverless vehicles without a 5G connection.

The ubiquitous coverage and responsive network of 5g speed internet will help the cars in communicating with other vehicles and sensors that are built in the gas station, street lamps, and around the city.

Faster speed

5G is expected to be faster, as compared to the networks of the past generation. While people are claiming that 5G maybe hundred times faster in comparison to 4G networks, it may offer a speed of almost 10 GB per second.

Thus, with 5G networks, you will likely be able to download a movie in less than ten seconds.


Remote working

Poor connectivity is considered to be one of the major reasons behind the failure of remote working. 5G networks are expected to resolve the issue.

With 5g speed internet, it is possible for businesses to get consistent and unbroken access to the reliable and fastest internet connectivity. This will make remote meetings easy.


5G networks are expected to be flexible. The network slicing, a physical network may be divided into a wide array of virtual networks. Hence, the operators will be able to make use of the right slice with the aid of 5G, catering to the needs of the use case.

Better connectivity

It is believed that 5G networks will be ultra-reliable. Thus, issues such as poor connectivity, dropped calls will be a talk of the past. This will be helpful to deal with more crucial use cases like connected cars, digital health, effectively and efficiently.


5G is expected to enhance the abilities of the drone. 5G network will help in precision controlling of the drone.

Higher capacity

5g speed internet is expected to have the better capacity, which indicates that the network will be capable of copying in a better way with several high demand applications such as IoT(Internet of Things) devices, connected cars, virtual reality experiences.

5g speed internet is also expected to have a major impact on agriculture. It does not end here.

With a wide array of benefits, 5G will have a significant effect on the major industries which include publishing, media, gaming, healthcare, public transport, automotive, to name a few.

With IoT(Internet of Things), 5G will play a higher role in our daily life, thereby bringing a revolution in the way of communication.

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