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2020 Mclaren GT Price| What Did You Expect?

McLaren has a known reputation for making some of the most beautiful and iconic cars in the world.

With a vast racing pedigree that has seen some of the greatest names of motorsport behind their wheels, the brand never stops impressing those that continuously keep waiting for the release of their next big thing.

If you’re amongst the lucky few that can meet the $210,000 price tag, you can start thinking about contacting your closest McLaren dealer and manifest your interest as orders for the brand new McLaren GT are now available.

The model’s first release should hit the streets by the end of this year and is expected to live up to its promise of a supercar that can be driven every day.

McLaren states that this is a whole new Era, as the Woking-based manufacturer looks to expand its supercar portfolio.

Under its “Track25” strategy, the main goal is to visibly increase the number of vehicles on the road until 2025, including upcoming electric variants.


The McLaren GT is a luxury sports car that hosts a Biturbo 4-litre V8, putting its incredible 620hp racing through a racing track as easily as it gets you shopping.

It’s precisely that change in philosophy that sees a thin line between what is at heart a supercar and yet a car that can take you as easily through all of your daily tasks.

With an astonishing binary of 630Nm, odds are that you’ll only have a good glance at one if it’s parked, as its specifications are out of this world and leave little room for a second look.

Its SSG seven-speed transmission has a launch control feature that will catapult the driver from 0-100 km/h in mere 3.2 seconds.

Top speed is set at 326 km/h and its reported 0-200 km/h performance takes only a whopping 9 seconds!

A light MonoCell II-T carbon fibre structure grants incredible agility with a 405hp/tonne relation for the 1530 kg (3370 lb) car.

Engine4.0 L M840TE Twin-Turbocharged V8
620 hp @ 7500 rpm
DriveTrainRear Wheel-Drive
Transmision7-Speed Automation
Torque465 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm
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Body Style2-Door Coupe
Fuel EconomyCity: 15 MPG
Hwy: 21 MPG
Price (MSRP)$210,000

Handy Supercar

At the same time, McLaren promises it’s versatile enough to use on a daily basis, where you can find, amongst other interesting details, a considerably large booth of 570 litres – impressive for what is still under all considerations, a supercar.

A “lift” mode ensures that the suspension follows that exact same command and adjusts from 110mm to 130mm. This is particularly fantastic if you’re riding local roads and encounter your daily and occasional speed bump.

A new approach with its Proactive Damping Control delivers a more comfortable and dynamic drive, optimized for a daily driver.


Interiors are well-thought and as exclusive as you may imagine.

The McLaren GT sees noble materials and carbon fibre details built in its interior. Heated leather seats welcome you to a comfortable ride at the same time the 7-inch screen includes a navigation system with real-time traffic. These are often found in luxury saloons but ignored in supercars.

Even here we realize that the paradigm that McLaren is aiming for differs from its competitors.

To make this truer than ever, another 12.3-inch screen makes the joys for all other onboard systems.

If you believe that’s where the story ends, a dual-zone air conditioning system makes your journeys more pleasant and enjoyable than ever.

mclaren gt price
Image: Mclaren

Final Say

It’s not always easy to review a car that is yet to be released, but with enough information being advanced by McLaren, we can surely assume the GT will draw a new era for the British manufacturer.

Not only will it deliver outstanding performance, but it relies on enough high-end technology to make it the type of car that you can drive on a daily basis, something that hardly ever relates to this specific segment.

Offering luxury saloon comfort levels, onboard infotainment, and navigation systems, you’d be forgiven to forget about its sharp-edged exteriors once you’re sat behind its wheel.

With a price tag of $210,000, it’s still a competitive range considering not only the exclusivity of the brand but also the fact that most Italian supercars cost in excess of such value.

We can’t wait to see if McLaren will achieve its target over the next five years of not only populating roads with further models but also where will electrification stand in its supercar history.

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