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McLaren 720S | How Much Does It Will Cost

Some people may be surprised with the price of McLaren 720S. The price of this luxury car is up to $299,000. Based on the specification and features, the price is worth enough. Let’s take a look at the McLaren 720s specifications below to find out why this supercar is worth $299,000.


McLaren uses carbon fiber for the exterior, especially for the upper structure and windscreen surround. The manufacturer chooses carbon fiber because it makes the car lighter and rigid. Because of that, the exterior of this supercar is more rigid than McLaren 650 and other previous versions.

The manufacturer also put the cowl a little bit lower. The position makes this car similar to the McLaren 570. The main function of the cowl is to give jet fighter sensation while driving the car. McLaren 720S is using twin dihedral doors that adopt the McLaren F1 car. It has air channels that help to flow the air directly to the engine. The thin LED tail-lights look similar to McLaren P1.


The McLaren 720s is a luxury car along with a modern and race car model. It shows from the use of Alcantara, Weir leather, and carbon fiber trim. This car also has a great audio system by Bowers and Wilkins to improve the entertainment system in the car.

Drivers can enjoy their favorite music or video with good audio quality while driving. To give a race car model, McLaren 720S is using carbon-fiber racing seats. Another interesting part is the thin screen that gives vital information to the driver. It is a touchscreen and easy to reach, so drivers can control and monitor the condition of the car anytime they want. 

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The reason why this car is worth $299,000 is not only because of the cool exterior and the interior but also the engine. As a super sports car, McLaren 720S is supported by a new M840T engine.

This engine is the improvement of the M838T that used in the 650S. This engine is the same with a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The unique part is on the stroke in which McLaren improves it to increase the capacity. Most of the components of the engine are also new.

For example, there are new twin-scroll turbochargers. These features have lower titanium-aluminum turbines that spin maximally. By using this engine, McLaren 720S can produce up to 710 horsepower along with 568 lb-ft.

EngineCapacity: 3,994cc
Type: 4.0L, V8
Technology: Twin Electrically-Actuated Twin Scroll Turbochargers,
Dry Sump
PerformanceMax. Speed: 212mph
0-62mph: 2.9s
Max. Power: 710 bhp
Max. Torque: 568 lb-ft


There is also a significant improvement in the suspension. This supercar is using the ProActive Chassis Control II system. This system is the improvement of the previous suspension system. The difference is on the weight in which this latest suspension is lighter.

Another improvement is on the accelerometers and pressure sensors. Those features connect to the computer system inside the car and it gives an accurate report to the driver. As a result, you can get a real-time report about the condition of the car.


The thing that may boost the price of this car is the chassis. McLaren 720S uses a similar MonoCage unit in the P1. McLaren improves this unit into a lighter unit and applies it to 720S. That’s why the company calls the chassis MonoCage II.

The function of this new chassis is to support the dihedral doors. Because of this chassis, the doors have larger cut-out, so you can enter and exit the car easily and comfortably. This chassis also reduces the size of the pillars. It makes the car lighter than the previous versions.

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Performance and Efficiency

So, how about the performance and efficiency of this supper car? Is it worth the price? Along with all features and systems, McLaren 720S can accelerate 0-62 mph in only 2.9 seconds.

Moreover, this car achieves its maximum speed of 212 mph. The best part is that you can also get a drift driving sensation along with the Variable Drift Mode.

It is also an efficient car with 249 g/km emissions. It is also a fuel economically-friendly car despite the model and system. Based on the performance and efficiency, McLaren 720S is 10% better than the 650S.


The detail above shows that McLaren has made a significant improvement in 720S. The team just improves the previous systems and features to create a better one. Indeed, the explanation answers the question of why the price is worth $299,000.

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