/2020 Ferrari Portofino | Review, Pricing and Specification

2020 Ferrari Portofino | Review, Pricing and Specification

When you heard the word Ferrari, what kind of image you have in mind. A car manufacturer that produces Supercar? This is maybe the common thought that comes up in our minds about this brand. It is true. Ferrari is well-known for its fast car. One of their latest creations is the 2020 Ferrari Portofino.

Here, we are trying to look for many aspects of this car, including specification, performance and of course, price, to understand more about this car.

Let’s start it!

Ferrari Portofino (MY2020) - Friday Drive

The Beautiful Appearance

Ferrari is well-known for its capability in creating a beautiful design for a Supercar. We also can see it in the 2020 Ferrari Portofino. The face or front side is the most interesting part. If you see it long enough, you can see a smiling face on it. The slit-style headlight with the reverse arc grille creates this kind of unique imagery. 

The body, however, looks so muscular. Many accents here and there, give this car a touch of art on its body. We like how Ferrari designs the body that looks slimmer on the middle part, then getting bigger on the back.

It gives the impression that this car is a powerful car you can drive around. Furthermore, the double exhaust on the back, makes it looks much sexier from this side. Try to see it yourself, and guaranteed you want to ride it right away.

Speaking about outer appearance, Ferrari gives you so much freedom to choose how your Portofino will look like. You can see it from 25 colors available. Of course, you may need to pay more for changing its initial color. By the way, the initial color of this car is the red color

Overall, the appearance is quite satisfying. We love all kinds of addition that Ferrari adds to this new car. Compared to the previous model, we prefer this design, which gives it nice futuristic and beauty elements.

The Inside

How about the interior? The space usage is not quite satisfying. The two-passenger seat on the back doesn’t have enough room where an adult can use it. So, in our point of view, Ferrari should remove this part and make it a fully two-people Supercar.

However, when we move to the front seat, we can find a different experience and sight. The leather seat allows you to have a comfortable ride behind the wheel. Furthermore, the steering wheel is another amazing part of this car. The steering wheel is equipped with a complete control panel. Use it and you can control almost all features in this car.

The 10.25-inch touch screen allows you to activate the infotainment function with simple touch and swipe. Then, this car has the standard infotainment feature, such as radio, audio system, Bluetooth and more. However, if you plan to integrate it with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you need to pay more to add this feature.

ferrari portofino front look

The Performance

The 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged engine is indeed a great core to move this car. This V8 engine produces 598 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque. And, as for the acceleration and top speed, we can say that Portofino is one of the top cars in this category.

The acceleration is quite satisfying, with 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds. While the top speed, in the good road condition, you can reach its maximum speed at 199 mph. So, for a speedster, this car is a great choice for you.

This car uses a 7-speed automatic transmission. This is a good choice, for handling the speed. And, with the RWD drivetrain, this car gives you a nice boost on power and speed when you drive it.


Ferrari Portofino is a great example of a real Supercar. You get a real fast car here. Even though we don’t like the back seat, but the performance and the features are quite satisfying. We can only say that this car is for you who want to travel with speed, not with your entire family.

So, how much do you need to spend to get this car? According to the official information, the ferrari portofino price is $215,000. However, as we mentioned above, you might need to pay more, for extra features and additions that mostly you need.

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