/2020 Audi Q8 – With Quattro All-Wheel Drive
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2020 Audi Q8 – With Quattro All-Wheel Drive

As a completely new model, the release date for Audi Q8 is in 2019. The changes to expect in the 2020 model have to be minimal. Some minor reshuffles have been made such as DVD player that sit inside the glovebox previously has been completely removed.

The Audi Q8 price for the three variants of the models is as follows:

· Audi Q8 Premium: $69,195

· Audi Q8 Premium Plus: $73,195

· Audi Q8 Prestige: $78,695

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Engine & Performance

Audi Q8 flaunts turbocharged 3.0-liters plus V-6 capable of making 335 horsepower as well as 369 lb-ft of torque. This is made to work with iconic Quattro all-wheel drive and automatic eight-speed transmission.

It’s stop-start operation is superbly assisted by a unique 48-volt hybrid system that proved to be quiet and smooth during our driving experience. It showed a deliberate and useful passing power along the highway but in the city, we had to keep pressing the gas pedal.

While it had passing power on highways, in the town we had to keep pressing the gas pedal. The transmission was mostly under command but it cooperated better with the engine on Dynamic mode. You would only with the exhaust and engine made a gustier sound.

When adequately equipped, the towing capacity of the Audi Q8 is 7700 pounds. It offers a sporty driving experience with impressive riding capability.

It is capable of making swift changes in direction while it is precise along with the corners. Its steering requires linear feedback and light efforts, something that makes long trips relaxing.

The test vehicle that we used had 22-inch wide wheels as against standard 20-inch and for this reason, the vehicle drove quietly and smoothly even on uneven road surfaces. The optional air suspension in our vehicle may have made its contribution.

The Q8 is equipped with 4 wheels steering whose ride height is adjustable. It also comes with an adaptive chassis variant. These features make this car efficient in handling tight spaces and roller coaster terrain.

During the test drive, it was easy to modulate its brake pedal. The emergency-braking system hauled it from 75 mph to 0 in less than 170 feet.

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Photo: joonko.de

What is new in 2020 Audi Q8

The 2020 Audi Q8 exceeded our expectations of fuel efficiency during the test drive on the highways. It clocked 28 mpg over 200 miles.

Interior & comfort

The interior of Q8 is sturdy and sophisticated, with premium quality materials and expertly-aligned panels. The base model sports a beautiful sunroof and heated front seats.

The upscale variants boast leather dashboard and 4-zone climate control. The top models have premium quality leather surfaces, massaging front seats, and dual pane quieter glass.

The test vehicle that we drove around had all of this besides an ambient lighting and a head-up display. Visually, Q8 is stunning and in terms of passenger space, it has the space of an SUV with three rows in a two-row car.

The driver with an elevated seat will neither feel a space constraint or any discomfort if two people stretch out in the back seat.

You might feel that the cargo space is lower in Q8 than in Q7 but in our review, we found that it can contain no less than 6 to 8 carry-on bags at the rear of the back seat. You can accommodate more cargo if you fold the rear bench flat.

Infotainment & Connectivity

Q8 boasts a superb infotainment system with touch-screens fitted in the center console and dashboard. The displays work fabulously on touch inputs but voice and steer-wheel commands are also effective.


Key safety and driver assistance features include:

· Forward-collision alert

· Automated emergency brake

· Blind-spot monitor

· Rear cross-traffic alert

· Lane-departure alert

· Lane-keeping assistance


The vehicle is equipped with forward-collision alert and automated emergency brake, which can be used to navigate tight spaces. 2020 Audi Q8 is a powerful, spacious, and elegant vehicle that combines comfort and performance. It has excellent control and safety features.

Final thoughts

2020 Audi Q8 is not much different than the base 2019 model. It has largely the same features but a little bit of reshuffling has been done on the demand of the customers. It’s a high-end premium quality vehicle that boasts the most advanced and enigmatic features from high-powered engines to superior quality steering wheels.

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